Useful Links

On diagnosis of Aimi’s ARPKD while pregnant, we had no idea of this disease. We constantly researched on the internet and got in contact with people that could offer information and help.

This links page was put together with useful links we found during that time and still visit today and hope that it can help others.

If you have a website link that you think would be of use on this page, please use the Get in Contact page and let us know!

Forum Topics and Posts
Baby Cystic Kidneys at Babycenter
Kids with CKD at Baby and Bump UK
1 year old with Kidney Disease at Circle of Mums
What does Echogenic enlarged Kidneys mean in an Ultrasound at Mamapedia

Information pages
ARPKD Q&A at PKD Foundation
Polycystic Kidney Disease article at Parent Guide News
About ARPKD at PKD Charity
ARPKD/CHF Alliance
ARPKD Studies Resource
Echogenic Fetal Kidneys – Differential Diagnosis
Unborn Baby and Kidney Problems at Livestrong
What every family needs to know – ARPKD Video at PKD Foundation

Fetal Bilateral Hyperechogenic Kidneys Article at JASN

In the Media
Girl who can’t eat Chocolate Daily Mail article

Facebook & Group Pages
ARPKD Facebook Group
Kidney a Chance
Yahoo ARPKD Group

Stephen’s Journey
Remi’s Gift
ARPKD Mom Blog & Henry’s Blog
Parker’s fight against ARPKD
Myke and Me Plus Three
Bennett’s Caring Bridge Blog

Other Links
Steph’s Sketches