Website up!

I’ve been wanting to start this site for a few days now and finally got round to it yesterday. Although there is still a lot to do on it, it has only taken a day to get some stuff live on it, so welcome if you are reading this. This part of the site is a blog area which we’ll try and keep updated.

I thought it was important to also make the website a resource area for parents of ARPKD kids. The internet has a lot of info about ARPKD but its spread out at various places, so thought it would be good to put all the helpful links we used, into one area of the Hope 4 Aimi website.

Another big thing we wanted on the website was a link to Aimi’s JustGiving page. All funds donated go to help sick Children Great Ormond Street via JustGiving. If you are reading this right now, go and click that link on the side. Even a £1 donation helps!

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